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Awesome! That was hilarious and I am suprised to say, funnier than the last!

Awesome flash! I loved it!

Oh, and Mexifry? This is C&H's style. Read the comics. Visit the site. If you don't like the style, then leave. I'm sure that the YOU:EVERYONE ELSE ratio wins in favor of C&H.


Why would he do that? Then it wouldn't be Cyanide and Happiness anymore. :|

And just when I thought I had successfully avoided HappyHarry.

I think IllWillPress is gonna shoot up past both of us.

I love this one! It's fucking absurd.

your impression of a drunk person was pretty dumb, but then it started being funny because of how dumb it was.

It's a bad example for our youth. I am phoning Joseph Ratzinger right now about this tricky situation.

Nah just kidding I liked it, I verily enjoy the irony of your cartoons.

I noticed he forgot the ice before he left the store.

MORAL: Write your grocery list down before a drunken beer run.

You always end your shorts with the punchline that we never expected to happen. How do you do it good sir(s)?

And how about doing a short with boobs?


Hey I'm Mexifry I'm a talentless pseudo artist faggot that nitpicks @ gay flashes while my flashes are drastically worse.

Saw the ending coming in fact the entire episode. Make light of drinking and driving and killing the friend in the end. Fucking hilarious though.

Might I ask if you are ever going to do a super jerk movie.

good jokes, haha at the end XD

the music in the licqour store is the same music from 50mph man

and mexrify the characters are deliberately minimalistic so they don't distract from the focus of the cartoon, which is the joke, and also to make it as easy as possible for the audience to project themselves or someone they know onto the guys; also of course Cyanide n Happiness is a daily comic and it's a great advantage that they're fucking easy to draw, so they couldn't really be any more fit for purpose CHARACTER DESIGN ALL UP IN THIS BITCHHHHHHHHHHH

No no, he has a point. I always pictured Cyanide and Happiness as an anime...

I love the comics and just adore the shorts! You RULEZ

I could care less if you use sticks tbh, but adding little things to make the characters stand out (like let's say, ruffled up hair and a damp t-shirt on the drunk guys) definitely wouldn't hurt.

Because making detailed characters would totally not affect the style, uniqueness or simplicity of the shorts and comics, eh? They add detail to costumes occasionally.
Mexifry, go be dumb somewhere else. :P

OT: The liquor store scene was great.

you're lucky you are growing up in the age of shitty youtube vlogs and reality tv as entertainment, or else this wouldn't fly

oh hey people are arguing in here!

I think you over use the colors green and blue and you should hate your talents as an artist as a result. GO RED!!!!!

I like the animation style. It's not complicated at all, and that's what makes it funny imo. People who spend too much time with character design usually end up failing when it comes to a story line and animation. Best simple, funniest simple.

By the way, great job with this one. I was both pleased with the humor and the animation. You really are good when it comes to backgrounds.

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